Lack of Major Character Deaths in 'Stranger Things 4' Leaves Fans Disappointed

 Lack of Major Character Deaths in 'Stranger Things 4' Leaves Fans Disappointed
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Who would have thought?

In the weeks between Volume 1 and Volume 2 of 'Stranger Things 4', fans have been killing time launching massive online campaigns in defense of their favorite characters. No one wanted to see their favs die, and among the beloved characters were Steve, Dustin, Nancy, Robin, Mike, Eleven… well, essentially every major character.

Now that Volume 2 is out and it famously kept pretty much every main character alive, guess what seems to irritate fans?

Yes, the fact that the main cast has "miraculously survived" once again.

Naturally, everyone is relieved that Volume 2 was kind to fans' favorites, but the lack of death seems to be an issue, particularly due to how it appears to invalidate the dramatic events. With the stakes being visibly higher (Hawkins is literally torn apart by an Upside Down earthquake), some fans think it's odd that the main characters just made it without even being scratched.

"I was really hoping they would kill off a character with more stakes but for legit the fourth time in a row they pulled the same trick... it was too obvious and kind of disappointing imo," – /Puntapig2013.

Despite the online rallies demanding that the creators spare their favorites, fans seem to also want their hearts to be broken by drama.

"I want S5 of Stranger Things to rip my heart out, tear it up, throw it to the ground, and stomp on it repeatedly. It'll be the last season so I don't want them to hold back at all, I wanna see main characters die, i want to be so devastated i can't get out of bed for a week straight." – @criminalplaza.

The only main character affected by the events in Volume 2 is Max, but even she did not die, entering season 5 in a coma. And even though her future remains vague, there are people who are disappointed by the decision to keep her relatively alive at the end of season 4.

"Max should've stayed dead, Eddie should not have been the only person who died. Predictable ass "power of love and friendship" writing. The duffer brothers are honestly pussies for not killing a single main character in the entire show." – @ssjkara.

There might be one explanation for the main cast staying alive: since season 4 is only "the beginning of an end", worse things could have been saved for the fifth and final season.

Little is known about season 5 as of now, but the Duffer brothers promised that there is a chance it doesn't make fans wait as much as season 4 did.