Laenor and Seasmoke Attack Makes The Same Mistake Battle of the Bastards Did

Laenor and Seasmoke Attack Makes The Same Mistake Battle of the Bastards Did
Image credit: HBO Max

It seems that 'House of the Dragon' decided to opt for entertainment instead of common sense in this one.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'House of the Dragon ' episode 3

Episode 3 of 'House of the Dragon', titled 'Second of His Name', appeared to have garnered even more fan love than the two previous episodes – even though there was a storytelling mistake in it, according to some people.

The final minutes of the episode introduce us to the third dragon of the show, Seasmoke, and it sets the entire scene on fire – quite literally. After Daemon "surrenders" to the Crabfeeders, he is surrounded by the army which is out there in the open space as dark grey clouds conceal Seasmoke, only for it to appear at the very last moment and decide the outcome of the battle.

While fans absolutely enjoyed the visuals of the scene, many people noted that logically, the entire battle fails to make sense, being their least favorite part of the episode. In fact, a similar mistake has already been made in the Battle of the Bastards shown in 'Game of Thrones ', when Jon Snow also challenged an entire army on his own – even though 'House of the Dragon' has notably added at least some realism.

"For me it's better than Battle of the Bastards. At least Daemon was not immune to arrows barrage like Jon Snow," Reddit user Important_Shower_992 argued.

However, the way Daemon almost single-handedly tricked an entire army is not the only thing that made the scene feel weird for fans. One of the main things was how Craghas certainly knew that the Targaryens would use dragons – it shows in how he constantly looks up wondering whether Caraxes is there and if he should seek cover.

Still, he lets his army out despite being aware of the dragon threat and clearly knowing how to defend against dragons. The mistake seems to be the showrunners choosing "convenience over storytelling", as Reddit user homeland put it.

But even despite the obvious writing flaws of the battle, fans are not ready to give up on the show just yet.

"I imagine Craghas was thinking along the lines of "Well if that other dragon was going to show up he would've done it already, everyone go kill Daemon and win the war". But then they all pause to stare at Daemon instead of slaughtering him like the Somalians did to those two badass delta snipers in Black Hawk Down. Weak writing for sure, but I'm not dissuaded just yet." – /cptmactavish3

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