Law & Order: OC Is Ready To Introduce Yet Another Stabler Brother

Law & Order: OC Is Ready To Introduce Yet Another Stabler Brother
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The Stabler trio is now complete.


  • Law & Order: Organized Crime is one of the branches of NBC’s hit procedural drama Law & Order.
  • The show follows the work of a legacy character Elliot Stabler in the NYPD as a part of the Organized Crime Task Force.
  • Upcoming season 4 is going to introduce two more Stabler brothers, Randall, portrayed by Dean Norris, and Joe Jr., portrayed by Michael Trotter.

While not much can be said about Law & Order: Organized Crime season 4, it's already clear that Elliot Stabler will have his hands full with family drama. Not only has this been a recurring theme for his character throughout the previous years of the show, but all the news about the next one points to a very intense sibling storyline.

It was at the end of last year that the media broke the news that the show had cast Detective Stabler's older brother, Randall. The estranged one left the family years ago and managed to build a life of his own.

Portrayed by none other than Breaking Bad alum Dean Norris, Randall already promises to bring some tension into his younger brother's life.

The youngest of the family, Joe Jr., on the other hand, must bring a nice change of pace. Here's everything we know about Joe Jr. Stabler as of today.

Who Is Law & Order Elliot Stabler’s Younger Brother?

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Not much has been revealed about Joe Jr.'s character, but for all we know, he'll have a special bond with Elliot. He spent more than a decade of his life in the army and was dishonorably discharged for a reason that remains a mystery for now.

His current job as a merchant's right hand does not allow him to finally face his brother, whom he once loved and idolized. Still, admiration must prevail over embarrassment, as Joe is clearly going to play a big role in Detective Stabler's character and storyline development.

For the longest time, there were two big mysteries about Joe's character: the reason for his dismissal, which we're sure to find out later in the season, and the actor who will be portraying him.

The second mystery has now been solved, as TVLine broke the news that Michael Trotter has been cast in the role.

You may have seen the actor in a few episodic roles on TV shows like Ray Donovan, The Resident, or CSI: Vegas. However, his most famous role is as astronaut Gus Grissom in The Right Stuff. Trotter is sure to be another great addition to the Law & Order universe and will fit right in with Dean Norris and Christopher Meloni in a brotherly trio.

If you want to see all three Stabler brothers in action and find out what exactly will cause their paths to cross again, be sure to tune in to Law & Order: Organized Crime season 4 premieres Thursday, January 18 on NBC.

Source: TVLine