Leslie Grace Teases Another Character in 'Batgirl', And It's Not Who You Think

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HBO Max's upcoming DCEU film centered on Barbara Gordon is eagerly awaited by fans, many of whom are anticipating their favorite characters finally coming to life in the universe.

The Leslie Grace-led film has already assembled a mind-blowing cast: Brendan Fraser as Firefly, J.K. Simmons as Jim Gordon, and Michael Keaton as Batman. However, there is one fan-favorite character who was rumored to be in the upcoming film, but who will not appear on our small screens this year.

Speaking to E! News, Grace talked about her co-star Jacob Scipio's role in the film, who was previously thought to play Dick Grayson, commonly known as Nightwing. Looks like this fancast is simply not happening – instead of a superhero, 'Bad Boys for Life' actor will play a villain: mob boss by the name of Anthony Bressi. Little-known character is described as a sidekick to Fraser's main villain.

Fans of Nightwing, don't give up hope! The fact that Scipio plays another character doesn't mean that Grayson won't appear in the movie, we may even see the actor himself in that role after all. How so, you ask? Remember ' The Batman?' Barry Keoghan was originally supposed to play the role of Officer Stanley Merkel, but he ended up embodying DC's juiciest villain, the Joker. So, the precedent has already been set, and HBO just might try to use the same trick to hype fans up.

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