'Lightyear' Trailer Breakdown: List of all the Easter Eggs and References

'Lightyear' Trailer Breakdown: List of all the Easter Eggs and References
Image credit: Legion-Media

Years – or even decades – after we watched the toy version of Buzz navigating his very down-to-Earth life, finally we are on track to know the story of his human prototype surfing the galaxies.

On Thursday, we saw the new trailer for 'Lightyear ', and there are plenty of big and small details we got to learn about the character.

Voiced by Chris Evans, Buzz Lightyear is going to face some decidedly non-toyish things like actual time travel and space threats.

Zurg is Here

First of all, we got to see the main villain – Zurg – who looks way more threatening than his 'Toy Story' variant shooting small yellow balls.

Buzz's archenemy is voiced by James Brolin. Fun fact: yes, you did get that last name right — James is the father of Josh Brolin, who voiced Thanos, Chris Evans' Captain America archenemy in the Infinity Saga of 'Avengers'. The circle of villains, right?

The famous motto

Perhaps the most obvious Easter egg one can spot in the trailer is Buzz's iconic motto "To infinity and beyond", uttered by the 'real-life' Buzz out loud for the first time.

Mission Log

We all remember the toy version of Buzz constantly recapping events in his mission log — which was kind of pointless given that his 'computer' was nothing but a sticker.

There was a reason.

Cap and Buzz

Fans could not help but compare two characters portrayed by Chris Evans – and, surprisingly, they are not so different if you actually think about it.

Spoilers ahead (duh), but seriously, Evans seems to have a thing with heroes skipping years of their life.

Star Wars?

Given that Pixar's origin story has been touted as 'Andy's Star Wars', it would be weird if there were no nods to the Star Wars saga in the movie, right?


So, this bizarre robotic cat that accompanies Buzz in his space adventures... what's its deal exactly?

A fun animal sidekick is somewhat a tradition in this kind of animated movies, but some fans think that the lovely duo of Sox and Buzz was actually inspired by Chris Evans himself and his pet.

'Lightyear' will take us to infinity and beyond exclusively in theaters, starting on June 17.