Linda Hamilton Opens Up About Her Future in the Terminator Franchise

Linda Hamilton Opens Up About Her Future in the Terminator Franchise
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The actress stated that she is done portraying Sarah Connor because the franchise has run out of storytelling potential.


  • Linda Hamilton made movie history by portraying one of the best strong female characters of all time
  • However, the actress is done playing Sarah Connor because there are no more stories to tell
  • In addition, she is skeptical about the upcoming Terminator reboot, as there is no point in continuing the franchise

It is hard to imagine the Terminator franchise without Arnold Schwarzenegger, as the actor has been inextricably linked to the role of the titular cyborg since he first delivered a stunning performance as the T-800 in 1984.

However, it is also hard to underestimate Linda Hamilton's contribution to the success of the franchise, as well as her impact on popular culture in general, thanks to her brilliant portrayal of Sarah Connor.

Hamilton Changed the Perception of Female Characters

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Although she only appeared in three of the six films, the actress did a tremendous job of conveying her character's evolution from terrified victim to one of the most badass and well-acted strong female characters in film history.

However, her last appearance in the franchise was in 2019's Terminator: Dark Fate, which turned out to be extremely underwhelming and failed to live up to high expectations.

Furthermore, Sarah was relegated to a supporting role, which gave the actress little opportunity to really shine.

Sadly, it seems that was the last time we saw Hamilton as Sarah, as the actress explicitly stated in her recent interview with Business Insider that she is done with the character.

The Actress Sees No Point in Continuing the Franchise

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Hamilton feels that the story has been told in its entirety and there is absolutely nothing more to say, which only adds insult to injury to how Sarah was treated in Dark Fate.

She also revealed that she sees no point in the upcoming reboot of the franchise under James Cameron, as it is a mystery to her why anyone would try to reboot the Terminator even though she knows that the industry is "built on" recycling the old material.

Fans agree that it has been a long time since the franchise has run out of potential for meaningful storytelling, and that producing more Terminator movies now is just flogging a dead horse, trying to cash in on audience nostalgia.

They also point out that if Hollywood had more people with Hamilton-like mindsets, we could have avoided the never-ending flood of sequels, reboots, and spinoffs.

For now, very little is known about the upcoming reboot of the franchise, other than that it will reportedly explore the themes of AI, as the project is still in the very early stages of development.

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