List of Every Actor to Expect at 'Supernatural' Convention in New Jersey This Weekend

List of Every Actor to Expect at 'Supernatural' Convention in New Jersey This Weekend
Image credit: Legion-Media

New Jersey 'Supernatural' conventions are known as one of the most chaotic ones, especially back at the times when the show was still on air.

Creation Entertainment's 'Supernatural ' convention is taking place this weekend starting on Friday, April 22, in New Jersey's East Brunswick. Ready to dive back into the old-school days of saving people, hunting things?

Here's who you should expect in New Jersey.

Jensen Ackles, who we know and love as Dean Winchester, is surely attending. Initially he was expected to be joined by Jared Padalecki, but the latter had to cancel at the last minute due to personal reasons – so no J2 this time.

However, the organizers did their best for you not to be too sad about Jared not being there. Aside from Jensen, you can also expect Mark Sheppard ( who portrayed Crowley), Tahmoh Penikett (Gadreel), Jim Beaver (Bobby), and Jake Abel (Adam Milligan).

That's not all: Rob Benedict, whose character Chuck ended up being God, is going to be the convention's host both on Saturday (April 23) and Sunday (April 24). He will be responsible for fun, music and (most likely) chaotic vibes.

Additionally, Ruth Connell (Rowena MacLeod, who you may remember as Crowley's mother) is going to teach you some witchcraft on Sunday.

You can check out the full 'Supernatural' convention schedule on Creation Entertainment's website.