Little Mermaid is Not The Only Character Fans Hate in Disney's Upcoming Remake

Little Mermaid is Not The Only Character Fans Hate in Disney's Upcoming Remake
Image credit: Legion-Media

First, many people criticized Disney for casting Halle Bailey as the Little Mermaid. Well, now there are not one, but two more characters that fans are not okay with.

When The Little Mermaid remake was announced, the Internet exploded with posts like "we don't need it" "Disney please stop it" and so on. But although this is a classic reaction, sometimes the audience reconsiders.

After all, people seem to have made peace with the remake of the Lion King. Everyone was skeptical about the new movie, but in the end it was so realistic and genuine, that fans found a way to actually like it.

However, can The Little Mermaid hope for a similar scenario?

Recently the movie's new trailer has premiered, and frankly it left an unhealing wound on fans' hearts. The thing is, their two beloved characters Flounder and Sebastian were portrayed… well, not as good as they could be.

We get it, Disney is trying to make things realistic. But seriously, Sebastian and Flounder?

Fans say that it seems like movie creators put zero effort and time into developing the designs of these characters and made them ugly on purpose. Fans also think animators shouldn't have made them that much realistic.

Right after the news on the Sebastian design first emerged on social media a couple of weeks before, people criticized Disney's love for realism in live-action remakes of the good old classics.

"I was hoping they'd err on the side of fantasy with the sea creatures. This is a world where mermaids are real, it would make sense for the fish and sea creatures to be fantastical as well, right?," Reddit user deadmemename said.

Well, needless to say that this character duo is not the only thing that may "help" to tank the movie. Fans are sure that there are some other problems with it. But there is one thing that may help the remakes be better in the future.

"Why do I feel like this movie will vastly underperform, and it'll be constantly directed towards "current generation would rather sit and stream instead of theaters" or just directed towards racism and hate on the poor performance.

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I'd [...] much rather have live action remakes INSPIRED by the originals, but completely doing their own story. I'd want to watch a new story, instead of knowing exactly what will happen but now with emotionless CGI animals," Reddit user Stampi said.

Even though many predict that the movie will face a huge failure in box office, maybe there is still hope for The Little Mermaid to grow on fans. The movie premieres in theaters on May, 26.