Live-Action Captain Carter Project Is In The Works, But Do We Really Need It?

Image credit: Legion-Media, Disney+

Maybe we had enough superhumans armed with shields at this point.

A live-action project revolving around Captain Peggy Carter is in early development at Marvel, according to The DisInsider Show. It is unclear whether it is going to be a series or a movie, and it also remains to be seen whether the project will involve Peggy from Earth-838 or "our" version of her.

As the news comes on the heels of 'Multiverse of Madness', where Peggy Carter appeared as the alternative First Avenger, armed with a shield bearing a Union Jack insignia, fans immediately suggested that the upcoming project is going to be about this variant. And it's not like everyone is craving to see it.

It's not because people don't like Peggy Carter – on the contrary, they would rather see Marvel developing her TV series. After all, for how long fans of 'Agent Carter' have been asking for season 3?

Moreover, the Captain Carter project, if true, could lessen the chances of Captain Britain getting any kind of solo representation since Peggy would essentially embody the character.

Some people think that Captain Carter was just enough as a cameo in 'Multiverse of Madness', and there's no need for anything more.

The rumors have not been officially confirmed.

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