Looks Like Blue Bloods Fans Are Getting Really Tired of Eddie

Looks Like Blue Bloods Fans Are Getting Really Tired of Eddie
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Fans feel that the current season makes Eddie Reagan too easy to hate.

The 13th season of Blue Bloods is in full swing, and fans are taking the time between episodes to discuss the moments that have brought them joy or frustration.

Unfortunately, lately, it seems that more and more longtime viewers are turning to the fandom to criticize the show for its writing and some of the character development.

Probably the most frequently mentioned name when it comes to criticism is Eddie Reagan.

Even those fans who considered Eddie to be their favorite character when she first joined the show in Season 4 admit that the character has changed, and not for the better.

Viewers note that the main thing they've grown tired of is Eddie's attitude toward the captain, which leaves a lot to be desired. She's been downright insubordinate, and it brings nothing but annoyance.

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But the captain is not the only person who gets the special Eddie treatment that fans hate so much. Somehow, Eddie always manages to stick her nose in other people's business.

At this point, fans find Eddie's scenes with Danny, Erin, Jack, or any other character difficult to watch because of her annoying habit of pushing people around.

"Her character has gotten so annoying. So my vote… less Eddie," a fan wrote in the discussion of the latest episode on the show's subreddit.

Fans have no idea why the writers keep making her character so unlikable. It almost seems like they don't know what to do with her, how to show her growth.

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With her grand love arc with Jamie coming to a happily ever after stagnation, the excitement has fizzled out and there seems to be no way for the characters to revive the good old chemistry between them.

Professionally, she can't do much in her current role either. The only thing that could save the character, fans think, is to give Eddie a promotion.

Being a beat cop doesn't work anymore because she can't do much and seems to be more of a nuisance than a help with her habit of going above and beyond.

And if that's not going to happen, the writers should consider sidelining Eddie and only showing her at Sunday dinners if they don't want to keep annoying the dedicated fans.

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