Lord of the Rings' Biggest Missed Opportunity? Warrior Hobbits

Lord of the Rings' Biggest Missed Opportunity? Warrior Hobbits
Image credit: Legion-Media

Viewers are used to Hobbits being peaceful creatures who use brute force only as a last resort. However, fans agree that Hobbits in armor with overpowering swords would look just freaking cool in The Lord of the Rings.

Hobbits are creatures that look like humans, but are very short – between two and four feet tall. They are quite peaceful and do not participate in any world events, live in a rather closed society in the only place in Middle-earth – the Shire.

All Hobbits live peacefully, although they have had to take up arms – small bows – on several occasions. For example, the Hobbits helped Arnor in the war with Angmar, and then fought with Saruman when he decided to take over the Shire.

Fans feel that the director of The Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson, has missed out on a great opportunity to show the Hobbit warriors in all their glory.

In the original text, there is a chapter called Scouring of the Shire that was not included in the film adaptation.

Saruman, expelled from The Order of the Istari by Gandalf, vowed to avenge the destruction of Isengard on the Hobbits and, with his henchman Grima Wormtongue, went to the Shire, where he succeeded in removing the local leader from power and establishing a military dictatorship that oppressed and tortured the native population.

However, Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin successfully overcame this problem and rallied the entire Shire against the invaders. Saruman even made a treacherous attempt to kill Frodo, but his dagger was blocked by the Mithral Chain Mail.

Most likely, these events were not included in the movie so as not to overshadow the positive ending of the movie with another story and another battle.

But fans believe that this storyline would allow viewers to see fighting Hobbits who are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect their homeland, and who are capable of more than farming and growing the best tobacco in Middle-earth.