Lord of The Rings Unexplored Stories We Want To See On Screen The Most

Lord of The Rings Unexplored Stories We Want To See On Screen The Most
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A new Lord of the Rings movie series is in development after 20 years. Fans have their ideas about what it should be about.

Tolkien's world is huge and rich in interesting characters with complex destinies. It's surprising that only two projects related to this universe have come out so far, although this can be explained by how Tolkien's descendants feel about selling adaptation rights (not very favorably).

Recently, however, news arrived that was both exciting and frightening at the same time – Warner Bros. announced that a new The Lord of the Rings movie series is in the works.

Now, fans are wondering which of the storylines will be adapted, and suggesting their own ideas. Here are the most popular ones.

Even though Peter Jackson's movies are quite long, many heroes never told their stories to the audience. For example: Aragorn, since he's a favorite character for the most of the fans, it would be logical to make a new movie about the prophesied King of Gondor to see his full story.

The general consensus is that many people are really interested to see how Aragorn got to Rivendell, his further adventures, and of course, how one of the most beautiful love stories in cinema developed as he became romantically involved with Arwen.

Another popular theory is that Gandalf will be the protagonist in the new movies.

In The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf's story receives even less attention than Aragorn's. In fact, we know almost nothing about him. There are also many fans who dream of seeing Ian McKellen once again dressed in a gray robe and wielding a magical staff.

Considering that Gandalf literally traces his history back to the creation of the world, such a movie would stand a good chance of being made.

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Another option that holds great promise is the story of Gollum. In the trilogy, he is only shown as a hobbit already corrupted by the influence of the Ring, with literally one scene revealing how he received the Precious.

Andy Serkis, who played Gollum in the trilogy, has become even more beloved by audience since the release of The Lord of the Rings, and motion-capture technology has achieved outstanding results, so why not tell the story of a little creature that influenced the world order?