Love & Thunder Had One Great Thing, But Ruined it Just Like Everything Else

Love & Thunder Had One Great Thing, But Ruined it Just Like Everything Else
Image credit: Legion-Media

No matter what your stance on Thor: Love and Thunder is, you've got to admit that it got at least one thing right... briefly.

Spearheaded by director Taika Waititi, the fourth installment of the Thor franchise, Love and Thunder, has received a mixed response so far, with many MCU fans frustrated with how Waititi handled the movie.

According to fans, Love and Thunder was an overkill in too many aspects: the goofiness, the humor, the reliance on the strategy that for some reason didn't age well since Thor: Ragnarok. As people continue to blast the movie for the way it "degraded" Thor and "wasted" Christian Bale 's Gorr the God Butcher, there is a silver lining in the movie.

This silver lining is the look God of Thunder dons when he meets his ex, Jane Foster, in the middle of a fight. However, this look only lives for maybe a couple of minutes... only to be turned into a total cosplay disaster later.

The first outfit was a perfect combination of MCU style and comic accuracy. The second one... well, it is what it is, even if it looks like it would never win a single cosplay contest.

"The best thing about the first one is that he looks like a Viking! Something we've never really seen before from Thor in movies. The other is just a bad MCU Thor design," Twitter user Razorwing_ argued.

It's not that every good superhero costume needs to be black, but the saddest thing is that gold and blue costume could have looked good if it was toned down and not "overdesigned" like it is.

Compared to fans' sadness over the "butchered" storyline and messed up jokes of the movie, the regrettable costume choice is nothing, though. Thor: Love and Thunder has certainly not been a success big enough like Ragnarok, even though some people are okay with the movie's goofy tone and reliance on comedy.

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently available for streaming on Disney Plus.