Madonna's Biggest Regret? Turning Down a Now-Iconic $700 Million Franchise

Madonna's Biggest Regret? Turning Down a Now-Iconic $700 Million Franchise
Image credit: globallookpress

It is hard to dispute that Madonna is among the most influential music artists of the last several decades.

She has the well-earned reputation of a fantastic live performer. Her video clips undoubtedly became a huge influence on the whole MTV generation and on many of the artists who came after. With her albums and songs, she made a hit after hit. Pop culture was significantly impacted by her music and performances.

However, her film career failed to achieve anywhere near that success and acclaim. Madonna's acting ability outside of singing and performing on the stage (or, more precisely, lack of such ability) was often criticized, and her filmography includes a good number of films that did badly in terms of both reviews and box office, including such truly impressive flops as Snake Eyes, Shanghai Surprise, and, especially, Swept Away.

However, at one point Madonna was offered a role in a film that would go on to become a hugely successful pop culture phenomenon, perhaps as influential for the film industry as Madonna's career was for pop music – and turned it down.

And that film was Matrix. Madonna revealed that when she was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

"I also turned down the role in The Matrix, " she said. "Can you believe that? I wanted to kill myself." And then she added: "That's like one of the best movies ever made. A teeny-tiny part of me regrets just that one moment in my life."

Madonna did not specify which role she was offered. However, given that the original Matrix is not exactly replete with significant female characters, and the extent of regret which Madonna expressed, she almost certainly was offered the role of Trinity. That role eventually ended up played by Carrie-Anne Moss.

Well, too bad for Madonna. But, given Madonna's above-mentioned track record in films, perhaps good for the audience. While Carrie-Anne Moss never managed to play another role as big as that of Trinity, and playing Trinity pretty much defined her career as an actress, her performance in Matrix and its sequels was generally praised.