Major 'Morbius' X-Men Easter Egg Makes No Sense At All

Major 'Morbius' X-Men Easter Egg Makes No Sense At All
Image credit: Legion-Media

Akin to their Disney colleagues, Sony dotted its latest film with many Easter eggs, one of which raised fans' eyebrows.

One can't help but notice the disaster that 'Morbius ' has become for Sony's Spider-Man Universe. Hated by critics and fans alike, Jared Leto 's vampire saga looked more like an early 2000's B-movie than universally praised Marvel films. And poorly thought-through secrets, scattered within the movie, certainly didn't help.

At the very start of the film, Jared Harris's character mentions a certain "school for gifted children" to young Michael Morbius. You don't have to be a Marvel's walking encyclopedia to recognize the reference to Charles Xavier 's School for Gifted Youngers, famously portrayed in the original X-Men trilogy.

It would be a nice little touch that improves Sony's world-building if it weren't for the fact that the studio has no rights to the mutants' team portrayal on screen.

Feels like 'Morbius' creators are just milking the hype of Patrick Stewart's Xavier returning to action in 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness'. Moreover, Sony is giving its fans an impossible hope of Tom Hardy's Venom sharing the screen with some of the X-Men members. Sounds like Sony should be more careful about choosing their Easter eggs if they don't want to disappoint the fandom further.