Major Got Star Considers Putting on the Armor Once More for Jon Snow Spinoff

Major Got Star Considers Putting on the Armor Once More for Jon Snow Spinoff
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Resounding success of House of the Dragon's first season had conclusively proven one thing: despite the massive controversy, surrounding Game of Thrones' finale, audiences are eager to see more of Westeros.

Fortunately for them, HBO banked on this in advance, and had started working on several more spin-off projects, both live-action and animated, while House of the Dragon was still in production.

And of those projects, the one which gets most hype, is a sequel series centered around Jon Snow (Kit Harington).

Even though we still don't know for certain if this series is ever going to see the light of day, it is already a subject of much talk and speculation on the web. In particular, people are guessing who of the surviving characters might show up.

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Consequently, whenever former cast members of Game of Thrones draw attention to themselves by participating in some other projects, they often are asked whether they would like to reprise their role in the new series, when/if it transitions from early development to actual production.

Well, one actress so far remains oblique in her answers to such questions, refusing to say a definite "yes" or "no": Gwendoline Christie, who played valiant Brienne of Tarth. This summer she was not entirely sure if she would like to go from her new roles back to Brienne:

"I also as an actor, really wanted the opportunity to do different things. And so, Jan Stevens is glorious, I think I would always be happy to revisit Brienne, but we will have to see. We will have to see. I couldn't be happier to be doing very, very different things." (via)

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood Gwendoline revealed that she has spoken with Kit Harrington… and that was all she revealed, basically. She did not confirm if there was indeed any chance we'd see her reappear as Brienne in the sequel/spin-off:

"I have spoken to Kit about it, and I'm really delighted for him, he was so legendary in that role, really. He's a great actor, Kit Harington, and he committed his life to that role. And I think we all want to see more of it." (via)

So while Gwendoline Christie appears to be considering putting on Brienne's armor once more, she is not definitely committed to it, just like HBO itself is yet to commit to making the series in question.