'Man Vs Bee' Trailer Made Fans Worry About The Netflix Show, But One Thing Still Keeps It Afloat

Image credit: Netflix

Netflix has just released a trailer for the new Rowan Atkinson-led series, but fans are already getting anxious seeing what awaits them.

The series will center on a mild-mannered Brit (Atkinson), who has found himself a rather nice job – to look after a luxury villa when its owners are away on vacation. What could possibly go wrong? But fans of the 'Mr. Bean' star already knows the answer – the beloved comedian will always find a way to make even the simplest tasks unbearably hilarious. Atkinson's character engages in a battle with a bee, trying to get the annoying insect to leave the building while destroying the entire house in the process.

Fans of the actor are very excited about his return with a major streaming service project, but some of them still don't understand why Netflix decided to make a TV series rather than a movie. They wonder how a delightfully funny idea about a man fighting a bee could be enough to make an entire season.

However, others are more positive, agreeing that the plot of the series is rather limited, but also confident that the legendary comedian will definitely succeed.

Some fans are just having fun comparing this CGI bee to the recently announced MCU project.

'Man Vs Bee' will arrive on Netflix on June 22, 2022.

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