Mark Wahlberg Confirms What All the Blue Bloods Fans Were Thinking

Mark Wahlberg Confirms What All the Blue Bloods Fans Were Thinking
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Even Donnie's brother can't believe how long Blue Bloods has been around.


  • Blue Bloods doesn't have many rivals for longevity, and after the show was picked up for another season, Mark Wahlberg congratulated his brother Donnie and the team on the achievement.
  • The cast and production team are incredibly dedicated to Blue Bloods and have agreed to take significant pay cuts for Season 14.
  • Season 14 will be the show's last and will consist of two parts.

CBS's police procedural Blue Bloods may not have the longevity of television's absolute colossi, Law & Order or Criminal Minds, but that doesn't take away from its contribution to the genre. It's not just another crime show about good cops and bad criminals: it's a multi-layered story about the clash of old and new perspectives on life and work ethics in the police force, it's about ambiguous actions motivated by one's own feelings, and of course, first and foremost, it's a family drama that delves into the experiences of people who have worked in law enforcement for generations.

However, 13 years of continuous existence on the air, with the talented cast performing since 2010 without any dramatic changes, makes such a long run unparalleled. Even the most loyal fans couldn't believe the show would last this long and be renewed for a fourteenth and final season. The same sentiment is shared by series star Donnie Wahlberg's brother, Mark, who congratulated his older sibling on his accomplishments.

Mark Wahlberg Congratulates Donnie on Blue Bloods Achievements

Although some viewers have felt that the quality of the writing has declined in recent years, the news that the show has been renewed for a fourteenth season was received with little dismay. The story is still very compelling, and the Reagan family still has many mysteries to solve.

Fourteen seasons is an impressive number for most shows, as Mark Wahlberg, the younger brother of Danny's Donnie Wahlberg, was quick to point out in a conversation with Entertainment Tonight during the premiere of his movie The Family Plan.

'[Congrats], of course, to Donnie, Tom [Selleck], the whole cast!' The famous actor said. '[It's] remarkable! It really is an unprecedented run.'

Mark understands more than anyone that 14 years on the air is a huge accomplishment for the entire team who have spent so much time creating one of the best police dramas of all time.

'[As] somebody who's been producing television for a long time, [I know] it's not an easy feat. So, congratulations! It's quite an achievement,' he concluded.

Donnie Wahlberg himself was just as excited as Mark.

'I'm just incredibly grateful, you know? It's very unbelievable to be doing so many things that I love to do,' he told ET when CBS renewed the show for Season 14. 'I've been in my band for almost 40 years, 30-something years, and I've been doing this show for 13 years, and I'm so grateful for it.'

Blue Bloods Cast Agreed to Take Pay Cuts for Another Season

And for all those years, the cast and producers were remarkably committed to their project, because in order for Season 14 to actually see the light of day, they made the sacrifice of agreeing to take a pay cut. As a result, the future of Blue Bloods was secured at the cost of 25% of their paychecks. Here's how much the some of the cast's salaries changed for the final season:

In previous seasons, Frank Reagan's Tom Selleck was paid $200,000 per episode. So he'll lose a staggering $1 million in Season 14.

Donnie Wahlberg was paid $150,000 per episode, but will now forfeit a considerable $750,000.

Bridget Moynahan, who plays Erin, was getting $100,000 per episode, so with a 25% pay cut, she'll be getting $500,000 short.

Blue Bloods will return to our screens as early as February 16, 2024. The fourteenth and final season will be in two parts (this allowed the show to get more episodes as studios are actively shortening upcoming series seasons after the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes). The second half is expected in the fall of 2024.

Source: ET, ET.