Marvel Fans Are Trying To Fancast Henry Cavill For The MCU, With 2 Characters Leading As Favorites

Marvel Fans Are Trying To Fancast Henry Cavill For The MCU, With 2 Characters Leading As Favorites
Image credit: Legion-Media

Henry Cavill is one of the most prominent actors involved in the DCEU, playing the iconic Superman. However, Marvel fans are still determined to see the lovable Brit appear in the MCU.

'The Witcher ' star is very busy right now, with several high-budget movies and TV series in production, but the prospect of him joining the Marvel Studios franchise certainly sounds very tempting. In a recent thread on Reddit, fans gathered to discuss the ideal role in which the actor could shine, with results ranging from fan-favorite villains to obscure heroes.

Here are 2 roles in the MCU perfect for Cavill, according to Reddit:

Captain Britain

Brian Braddock is a rather obscure character, created in the 1970s in an attempt to introduce superheroes to Foggy Albion. Captain Britain didn't work out in the beginning, but as the legendary Alan Moore's run on the comic began, Braddock quickly became a fan favorite and a deeply complex protagonist. Having gotten his powers from Merlin, Braddock is widely regarded as one of Marvel's most original supernatural heroes. Cavill is perfectly suited to bring him to life onscreen: the witty actor has a perfect British accent and an aristocratic appearance similar to Braddock in the original comics.


For DC fans, this will be a bit of a tease. Hyperion was originally conceived as a pastiche of Marvel's Superman, both heroes had much in common, including origin stories and the ability to fly and superhuman strength. In the original comics, Hyperion went from supervillain to hero, but his controversial creation history doomed him to be unfit for making a real change in the Marvel universe. If Feige and Co. decide to troll DC, they can hire Cavill for the role, but making Hyperion an essential character will be quite difficult.