Marvel Fans Want to See Old Hulk Again, And It's Not Who You Think

Marvel Fans Want to See Old Hulk Again, And It's Not Who You Think
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Fans are rallying for the return of Eric Bana's Hulk, but with a twist.


  • • Fans are interested in reintroducing Eric Bana's Hulk.
  • • Some suggest that he could return as Maestro, a villainous version of the character, in the MCU.
  • • The 2003 Hulk movie starring Eric Bana is often forgotten due to its different style, tone, and approach compared to later Marvel films.

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have recently expressed their interest about bringing back a familiar green giant — but it’s not the one you might expect.

Fans Want to See the Hulk from 2003 Ang Lee’s Movie

The idea that's got everyone talking is about reintroducing Eric Bana's Hulk, but as the Maestro. For those not in the know, Maestro is a future, villainous version of the Hulk, known for his intelligence and malevolence.

Fans believe that bringing Bana back in this role would perfectly align with the MCU's ongoing multiverse saga. But as with any passionate fanbase, opinions vary. While some are thrilled at the thought of Bana's Hulk returning, others have their reservations.

Some fans reminisce about the unique qualities of Bana's Hulk — like getting bigger with anger and his incredible speed and jumps — and feel a villainous turn might not do justice to those memories. Others are keen on the idea, seeing it as a fresh and exciting way to challenge the current Hulk dynamics in the MCU.

There's no denying the nostalgia that Eric Bana's Hulk brings. He was the Hulk many grew up with. The prospect of seeing him return, even in a different capacity, is a thrilling thought for long-time fans.

Why Everyone Forgets the 2003 Hulk Movie

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The 2003 Hulk movie, starring Eric Bana, often becomes a forgotten chapter in the superhero film genre, and there are a few reasons for this. Firstly, it was released during the early days of the modern superhero movie era, a time when the genre was still finding its footing.

Have you watched the 2003 Hulk movie?

Unlike the later Marvel films, which benefited from advanced CGI and a more cohesive universe-building approach, the 2003 Hulk had a different style and tone that didn't quite resonate with the audience's growing expectations.

The film's more introspective and psychological approach to Bruce Banner's story, while ambitious, didn't align with the action-packed, visually stunning narratives that later became synonymous with superhero movies.

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As a result, as the genre evolved and newer, more resonant interpretations of the Hulk character emerged, the 2003 movie gradually faded into the background. But, with the Multiverse Saga unfolding in the MCU right now, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring Bana’s Hulk back, at least for a cameo.

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