Marvel Star Got Real About Star Wars' Biggest Weakness

Marvel Star Got Real About Star Wars' Biggest Weakness
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Marvel star exposed Star Wars' greatest flaw: its formulaic approach.

Mark Ruffalo, the man who brought the Hulk to life on the big screen, has sparked a debate among fans with his recent comments about Marvel and Star Wars. In an interview, Ruffalo had some praise for Marvel's approach to filmmaking, but also took a shot at the galaxy far, far away, causing fans to weigh in on which franchise does it better.

Mark sat down with Metro to talk about his thoughts on both Marvel and Star Wars. When asked about the two franchises, Ruffalo praised Marvel for allowing its directors and actors to bring their own styles and likenesses to each project, saying, "Marvel generally lets them bring that to the material."

However, he also took a shot at Star Wars, saying, "If you watch a Star Wars, you're pretty much going to get the same version of Star Wars each time. It might have a little bit of humor. It might have a little bit of different animation. But you're always, really, in that same kind of world."

He went on to say that, with Marvel, "you can have a whole different feeling even within the Marvel Universe."

So, why might Ruffalo's shade towards Star Wars make sense?

Well, it's no secret that the Star Wars films have a very specific formula and aesthetic that they stick to. While there have been some variations and deviations within the franchise, such as the standalone films like Rogue One and Solo or the most recent TV endeavor, Andor, the main saga films tend to follow a very predictable structure.

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On the other hand, Marvel films have a reputation for allowing their directors and actors to bring their own styles and visions to the material, which can result in a wider range of films within the same universe.

Sam Raimi 's Multiverse of Madness surely is not like, say, Age of Ultron or Civil War – all three are done in different tone, different style, and that's exactly why the MCU is never boring (let's just not talk about Phase 4 for the sake of the argument, okay? Okay.)

This statement has sparked some debate among fans, with some agreeing with Ruffalo's assessment and others defending the Star Wars franchise.

One fan on Twitter said, "I agree with Ruffalo on this one. Marvel definitely allows for more creative freedom within its films. Star Wars can feel a bit formulaic at times."

Another fan countered, "I disagree. I love the consistency in the Star Wars films. It's part of what makes them so iconic."

It's worth noting that both franchises have faced criticism for their formulas and their attempts to expand into different worlds and universes. Marvel has been accused of being formulaic in its films, and Star Wars has struggled with mixed reactions to its recent projects. Ultimately, it seems that both franchises have their own set of pitfalls to navigate.