Masked Singer UK Has Fans Fuming Over Amber Riley Reveal

Masked Singer UK Has Fans Fuming Over Amber Riley Reveal
Image credit: globallookpress

To think they thought it was Lea Michele under that mask.

Could you ever imagine a world where Amber Riley, best known as one of Glee 's most skilled singers, Mercedes Jones, came in fourth in a singing competition? Well, you live in such a world, right after The Masked Singer UK somehow robbed Riley of a finale that fans say she so richly deserved.

Hiding under the mask of the Jellyfish the whole time, Riley did not make it into the top three despite her beautiful performance of David Guetta's Without You. Instead, Fawn, Phoenix and Rhino were the ones to enjoy their triumph. Fawn sang Dua Lipa's Be The One, Phoenix rocked the stage with Mika's Grace Kelly, and Rhino delivered a compelling performance of Kings of Leon's Use Somebody.

The results, however, left viewers furious, especially those who have followed Riley's singing career since Glee.

"It's unsurprising the studio audience voted out Claire Richards and Amber Riley, clearly the two best singers in the show... the British public have an embarrassingly dreadful track record of voting for things," Twitter user LiamJamieTaylor said.

The fact that one of the judges, Peter Crouch, suggested that it could be Lea Michele hiding under the jellyfish mask has particularly irked Glee fans, who have mixed feelings about Michele, to say the least, due to her controversial track record of creating a toxic environment on set and bullying her Glee co-stars.

"You know Amber Riley was seething under that mask when a judge suggested that it was Lea Michele singing," Twitter user mammamiaenjoyer quipped.

With Amber Riley out of the final competition, The Masked Singer UK moves on, with the next episode airing on February 18 on ITV.