McConaughey Still Skeptical About Yellowstone Spinoff, Unlike Harrison Ford

McConaughey Still Skeptical About Yellowstone Spinoff, Unlike Harrison Ford
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Unlike the legendary Indiana Jones actor, the Interstellar star isn’t eager to sign up for Sheridan’s series without reading the script first.


  • When discussing 1932 with Harrison Ford, Taylor Sheridan ’s aggressive approach convinced the actor to sign up without reading the script.
  • Matthew McConaughey proved to be a tougher cookie since he, reportedly, is still refusing to sign the contract and demands to see the script.
  • Despite that, Sheridan is positive that McConaughey is eager to do their spin-off project together and claims it was the actor’s idea to begin with.

Despite Matthew McConaughey being largely on the same page with Taylor Sheridan, the much-anticipated Yellowstone spin-off starring the former isn’t as cemented as most fans believe it to be. McConaughey, though enthusiastic about embracing his cowboy alter-ego, chose a cautious approach to Sheridan’s idea.

Taylor Sheridan Once Cracked Harrison Ford Himself

Harrison Ford is a huge name in Hollywood: the actor with a brilliant track record, the star of the most iconic franchises, he’s known to be a harsh man with an incredibly dry sense of humor who respects himself and doesn’t take guff from anyone. However, even he once fell victim to Taylor Sheridan’s aggressive self-marketing.

According to the Yellowstone creator, Ford was impressed with his vision for 1932 but wanted to read the script before committing to the series. The script wasn’t ready yet but Sheridan still demanded Ford give his answer there and then, promising him that otherwise, Ford would have to “watch Chris Cooper do the next great thing.”

Matthew McConaughey Didn’t Fall For Sheridan’s Tricks

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Unlike his older colleague, the Interstellar star withstood Taylor Sheridan’s ruthless attacks. According to Puck, McConaughey refused to commit to the Yellowstone spin-off without reading the script and still hasn’t signed the contract. The actor proves himself a tougher cookie than Ford, at least, in this regard: few people can say no to Sheridan.

Despite that, the collaboration between McConaughey and Sheridan seems more than likely. The Yellowstone showrunner explained that the actor himself wanted to star in his series after their discussions of modern Western ideas.

I said, ‘Buddy, that we can do,’” Sheridan recalled. That exchange started the rumors of the two men’s future collaboration which might come to fruition in the relatively near future.

At least, that’s what we gather from the facts that there’s already a co-lead lined up for McConaughey…and that if Yellowstone still ends without Kevin Costner, despite his sudden desire to return, then Sheridan will need a new big hit immediately.

Source: Puck