MCU Fans Solve the Mystery of the Avengers: Endgame Plot Hole

MCU Fans Solve the Mystery of the Avengers: Endgame Plot Hole
Image credit: Marvel

Fans explain why Hulk's powerful healing factor didn't fix his hand after the snap.

The MCU is hands down the most discussed cinematic universe ever. Each Marvel movie causes a wave of endless fan videos and threads discussing new theories, Easter Eggs, and plot holes.

All this makes it natural that the name of the largest MCU project, Avengers: Endgame, has popped up in a gazillion of fan discussions since it came out in April 2019. Viewers were quick to point at the inconsistencies in the movie's plot but, as it turns out, not all of them are really plot holes, some can be easily explained. This is exactly what the MCU fans recently did in one of the threads on the r/marvelstudios subreddit.

"Why didn't Hulk's healing factor repair him after getting burnt by the Infinity Gauntlet?" the original question of the discussion read.

The author was referring to a moment in Endgame when Hulk put on a nano gauntlet with the Infinity Stones taken from the multiverse to reverse the Blip. While Hulk's snap worked, his hand suffered severe damage later cured by Jennifer's blood in She-Hulk. However, Hulk is known for being a proud owner of the most powerful healing factor in the MCU which made the author of the question wonder if his injuries were a plot hole.

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Commenters, however, removed all doubts by explaining that the power of the stones was too great, and that's exactly what the creators wanted to show with this scene.

"The screenwriters stated that they wanted to show how using the gauntlet in such a manner takes a toll on the user. Same happened to Thanos Prime and he snapped twice," the most popular explanation read.

Besides, fans noted that Hulk's snap must have been much more difficult that the initial Thanos' snap. Creating is always harder than destroying. And Hulk's wish was a complicated one with several conditions, including bringing Black Widow back from the dead, which works against the nature of the Soul Stone, so his regenerative powers were clearly not enough for such a powerful outburst of energy.

"Hulk also had to put a lot more mental effort into his [snap]. His "wish" was more complicated than Thanos's since he was affecting specific people and trying to ensure they were safe while also trying to specifically revive Natasha. Thanos' "wish" was just random," a fan explained.