MCU Production Secrets Gone Too Far And Affect Movie Quality Now

MCU Production Secrets Gone Too Far And Affect Movie Quality Now
Image credit: Legion-Media

Can someone please take away the green screen?

Nobody likes to get spoilers. It always makes the experience a little less exciting for the viewer, and we can only imagine how annoying it must be for the team behind the movies to have things leaked.

Marvel Studios has always had a strict policy regarding inside information that should not be given away to the general public.

The same goes for the filming process: the secrecy around it is always amazing for fans to learn about.

The fact that the MCU movies are mostly made up of fantastic scenes that could not be filmed in any ordinary location or setting helps.

These movies are packed with CGI, and most of the time it only adds to the experience. However, there are moments when fans question the need for such heavy use of graphics.

The one particular image that caught the attention of fans was a moment from the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home.

We see Flash Thompson walking down the street with a phone in his hand. It doesn't look too bad at first until you notice the cars floating in the background and the shadows going in the opposite direction of where they should be.

Sure, it might not be noticeable in a movie, but shouldn't Marvel Studio be a little more concerned about the footage they end up with?

As some fans who come to Marvel's defense explain, there are a number of reasons why this particular scene was done using CGI, the main one being COVID.

Tony Revolori, who portrayed Flash, could not travel at the time of filming, so they had to be creative and shoot his scenes separately.

Including the ones where he just walks down the street. While that's a fair reason, it still doesn't explain the need to add cars and shadows using graphics when they could have easily been shot somewhere real.

"People still think this shot looks bad when the entire Thor: Love and Thunder exists. The bar has been lowered," user Robthebuilder81 said, bringing up another movie criticized for CGI overuse.

It seems to most that the problem with CGI lies within three reasons: the secrecy Marvel has for its content, tight budgets, and COVID restrictions.

Since one of these is thankfully almost completely out of the picture, and the other is less likely to affect the multi-billion dollar company, fans can only hope that the MCU drops its habit of keeping everything under lock and key.