MCU's 'Blade' Is Finally Nearing Its Production, With Official Filming Date Revealed

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It looks like fans will soon see Mahershala Ali in a leather jacket and iconic pair of sunglasses, as the reported start date of principal photography for 'Blade' has finally been leaked to the public.

The Daywalker movie was announced back in 2019, and aside from a brief voice cameo in the 'Eternals' post-credits scene, not much was known about the Ali-led film. Now it looks like Marvel Studios is ready to finally start shooting, as an industry insider names July 2022 as a potential date for the start of the filming. The picture will be directed by Bassam Tariq, with famed Mexican cinematographer Damian Garcia rounding up the crew. Considering the talent behind and in front of the camera, it's no surprise that 'Blade' has taken longer to get off the ground than some Marvel fans had anticipated.

Given that the synopsis for the film has not been released, fans are coming up with the wildest theories, from Blade bringing in other supernatural MCU characters to battle Dracula to the fact that the Blade's story will take place several centuries ago.

Others discuss a list of potential supporting characters and cameos, using the original Marvel comics as inspiration.

"Maybe Black Knight will feature but aren't the other members like Moon Knight, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider? I don't see how you make a movie about him recruiting those characters / actors and not have it be a straight up midnight son's movie," – /simonthedlgger.

Since there is no official confirmation from Marvel, fans are guessing when the movie will be released, citing late 2023 as the most likely option.

"The production schedule pretty much makes it over 90% likely that Blade will be the fourth MCU film of 2023. Besides, Blade would then pretty much be the Marvel Halloween story 2023 if the Disney+ special Werewolf by Night is going to be that of 2022," – /JyconX.

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