MCU's Spider-Man Star Gets Candid on Becoming DCU's Batman 

MCU's Spider-Man Star Gets Candid on Becoming DCU's Batman 
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Jake Gyllenhaal says he wouldn’t mind going from a villain to a hero.


  • Another Batman film is once again sparking rumors of whether it’ll be Jake Gyllenhaal who’ll take the leading role.
  • The actor himself would consider playing the DC superhero a huge honor as he associates the role with those great actors that had played it in the past.
  • Yet there’s a low chance we’ll see a new Batman story in the near future.

After one chapter of the famous franchise came to its end, the new DC Universe doesn’t seem to end it entirely. As the rumors about yet another version of Bruce Wayne’s story keep circulating, fans are already weighing the chances of some beloved actors to play the iconic role.

One of the most popular options now is Jake Gyllenhaal — the actor recently starred in Prime Video ’s Road House remake and previously made an epic appearance as the villain Mysterio in MCU ’s new Spider-Man franchise with Tom Holland in the leading role.

Now, when his evil role has already been played, Gyllenhaal would be glad to come back to superhero movies — but this time in a more positive light. While talking with Screen Rant about his new movie, the actor shared his thoughts on his chances to ever play Batman.

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Though he hasn’t confirmed any possible negotiations, Gyllenhaal confessed that this would become a real honor for him as he’d always associated the role with the great actors that had played it in the past.

Suffice it to say that Gyllenhaal is quite a perfect challenger for this role not only thanks to his previous acting experience in superhero movies, but also to the fact that he’s physically fit for Batman’s role.

Even his recent project, Road House, proves this point by showing the actor’s ability to bring epic fight scenes to the screen, which is a must-have for anyone playing DC’s superhero.

So far there’s still not so much to know about the future Batman film, neither is that Gyllenhaal will potentially get the leading role. Right now the actor is quite busy even without participating in the DC Universe — besides promoting Road House, Gyllenhaal is preparing to play Iago in a new Othello theatrical adaptation alongside Denzel Washington.

Source: Screen Rant