Mia Goth Slashes Her Way to Stardom in 80s-Inspired Horror’s Trailer

Mia Goth Slashes Her Way to Stardom in 80s-Inspired Horror’s Trailer
Image credit: A24

The Queen of Scream is back in the game.


  • The X and Pearl actress continues her bright horror career by starring in Ti West’s MaXXXine, the third movie in this cinematic universe.
  • It mixes Hollywood glam and investigation of bloody crimes of a serial killer, the Los Angeles Night Stalker.
  • Apart from Mia Goth’s convincing performance in the role of a wannabe actress, MaXXXine’s trailer features an all-star movie cast.

Back in 2022, X and Pearl horror movies brought traditional slasher and grindhouse movie tropes to a modern audience. The collaboration of filmmaker Ti West and leading actress Mia Goth was successfully established by these two movies; however, the two are preparing us for something greater to be released this summer.

Goth has already shown the whole world her horror potential in Suspiria (2018), continuing to gain much critical acclaim as the new scream queen. Having starred as Maxine who sees her pornography-shooting friends relentlessly murdered in X and in the prequel featuring the origin of their killer, Pearl, she returns to West’s franchise.

The trailer of the new horror story, serving as a sequel to X’s events, starts off by showing Goth’s Maxine, aspiring to become a famous actress. Alongside with the depiction of the 1980’s Hollywood with its movie sets and paparazzis, another line of the slasher focuses on the crimes of Los Angeles’ serial killer, known as The Night Stalker.

Mia Goth Slashes Her Way to Stardom in 80s-Inspired Horror’s Trailer - image 1

The third film of the X trilogy is going to assemble an all-star cast, as the trailer featured Kevin Bacon as a detective, investigating the murders, Bobby Cannavale and Michelle Monaghan as his partners, Elizabeth Debicki as a horror filmmaker and, moreover, Breaking Bad ’s Giancarlo Esposito as a film agent.

“Every new cast member already feels like they were born to play their parts,” as fairly admitted in a Reddit discussion.

Titled MaXXXine, the movie is set in 1985, and it seems that it leans on this time period setting in the best way possible. The nostalgic vibes of the night city, horrifying slasher elements, visual allusions to back-then Hollywood - it all makes this movie the most anticipated one in the whole trilogy.

“This is my Return of the King,” jokes user loserys.

West and Goth managed to make their best of their work together, as the actress seems to fit the MaXXXine atmosphere perfectly, artfully killing it by her transformation from psychopathic Pearl to somewhat naive, but, nevertheless, mysterious Maxine.

The movie, scheduled for release on July 5, is definitely one of the most promising horror projects of this year, which can make the whole trilogy a modern classic.