Michael Cera Teases Return Of Scott Pilgrim Energy We Know And Love In New Series

Michael Cera Teases Return Of Scott Pilgrim Energy We Know And Love In New Series
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Prepare for the insane nostalgia wave.

If there is one movie that changed the trajectory of both Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza's careers, and forever changed the perception of comic book satire, it has to be Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. To this day, Edgar Wright's movie is considered a comedic masterpiece, and many people find great comfort in rewatching it.

The good news for Scott Pilgrim fans is that the franchise is getting a fresh start with a new anime series produced by Netflix. Even better, the original movie cast is returning to voice the characters they once portrayed.

As Michael Cera, who portrayed the titular character in the movie, explained, it's very exciting for everyone involved to get back to work on Scott Pilgrim because it has a very specific vibe that can't be replicated anywhere else.

He briefly mentioned his experience getting back to the production of an iconic piece in his interview with Decider:

“It’s strange and very fun. Scott Pilgrim has such a specific energy. The whole project, the whole world of Scott Pilgrim, is very energetic and really funny,” the actor shared.

While Cera couldn't talk too much about the upcoming series, he did express his admiration for Bryan Lee O'Malley, the writer of the original comic books, who also worked on the show's script. Even though their roles were recorded separately, the actor couldn't hide his excitement at hearing the voice snippets of his co-stars.

The upcoming series was announced by Netflix at the end of March this year, and now it's in the final stages of production. Although there is no specific release date mentioned by either Netflix or O'Malley himself, the creator told the audience that the show will be coming to Netflix “before you can say, 'I'm in lesbians with you.”

Keep an eye out for more news and updates on the Scott Pilgrim anime series to be the first to hear the release date announcement!

Source: Decider