Michael Shannon Seems To Like Man of Steel More Than The Flash

Michael Shannon Seems To Like Man of Steel More Than The Flash
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While the actor also praised the new film, he believes his DCU debut was superior in some ways.

With the full release of The Flash just a few days away, the first reviews are starting to come in, making it a little clearer what to expect from the next installment in the DCU.

Apparently, despite the overwhelming hype that followed the early screenings, when it was treated almost like the second coming of Christ, the miracle didn't happen, although the critics are still moderately positive.

The Flash currently has a 71% critical score on Rotten Tomatoes, described as "entertaining but messy," and soon we will see if the fans share that sentiment.

Critics are not the only ones with mixed feelings about the film, as Michael Shannon, who reprised his role as General Zod, recently shared to Collider his somewhat underwhelming impressions.

Shannon confessed that from an acting standpoint, "it wasn't quite satisfying" for him, comparing such movies to "somebody playing with action figures."

Compared to Man of Steel (2013), where he first appeared as Superman 's nemesis, The Flash lacks the "'in-depth character study situation" with superheroes just fighting each other.

In that regard, he said, "Man of Steel was actually a pretty sophisticated story," and while The Flash does a good job of exploring its titular character, the same can't be said for Zod. However, according to Shannon, he "doesn't even care" because it is not his story after all.

Fans completely understand the actor's feelings, as it seemed from the beginning that Zod was thrown into the story just because he was a big DC villain, which apparently led to him being rather two-dimensional this time around.

Which is a shame, because Michael was excellent in Man of Steel, providing many memorable moments and quotes that fans still remember a decade later.

However, they say that his comparison of "multiverse" movies to playing with action figures is not entirely accurate, as the new Spider-Verse movie recently proved that it is the fresh approach and dedication that makes such movies truly great.

Fans won't have to wait much longer to see how good or bad the movie turned out, because in just a few days they'll be able to see for themselves if The Flash was worth the wait.

The Flash will be released in theaters on June 16, 2023.

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