Mind-Blowing Harry Potter Theory Suggests Hermione Wasn't Muggle-Born All Along

Mind-Blowing Harry Potter Theory Suggests Hermione Wasn't Muggle-Born All Along
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Don't tell Malfoy about this, it'll destroy him.

Mr. and Mrs. Granger were both Muggles. They had no magical abilities and were completely unaware of the Wizarding world.

In fact, they were shocked when they received a letter from Hogwarts inviting their daughter to attend the prestigious institution. But what if one of them had simply forgotten about magical abilities?

Redditor TheCondesendingLlama has come up with a truly amazing theory. The fan suggests recalling The Chamber of Secrets, the second part of the Harry Potter story, which features Professor Gilderoy Lockheart.

This untalented snob may have been a bad wizard, but there was one spell he mastered to perfection — Obliviate.

Gilderoy was known as a bestselling author of thrilling journeys and incredible magic. But as it turned out, Lockheart simply listened to powerful wizards, wrote down their words, and then erased their memories.

His spell was so powerful that the sorcerers couldn't remember who they were or what magic even was.

The Redditor is referring to the second part of Harry Potter, where Lockheart tried to wipe the memories of Ron and the Chosen One.

But he was thwarted by Weasley's broken wand, which shot back at the professor. Afterwards, Gilderoy could not even remember his own name.

The fan suggests that many wizards and witches have suffered from the Obliviate spell, used by Gilderoy to rob his victims of their memories.

This leads to speculation that Hermione's mother was once a prominent witch. Lockheart stole her entertaining story for his book and then erased all of her memories.

The future Mrs. Granger then returned to the Muggle world, where she remained a mere human, met a dentist and fell in love with him.

This theory explains why such a gifted witch like Hermione was born into a family without any abilities.

Audiences likes the idea, but note that in the world of Harry Potter, blood does not determine magical talent at all. And many fans would simply want to see the character as Rowling created her.

Source: Reddit