Miss Eddie Munson? There's a New 80s Movie With Joseph Quinn For You

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If you thought that after Stranger Things success the show's breakout star is going to cash in on it moving to other high-profile projects, you were not exactly right.

Quinn's breakout performance as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things has secured him a lot of fan love, but it looks like the actor is not going to stop there. While fans speculate whether Eddie Munson will return in the fifth and final season of Stranger Things, the actor himself is not sitting idle.

Joseph Quinn's next movie, titled Hoard, will be screened at the BFI London Film Festival on October 8, marking the actor's first outing after his massively successful part in Stranger Things.

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Those who missed Eddie Munson might be delighted to know that the events of Hoard take place in a very familiar time period set between the 80s and the 90s — which means that Quinn's character is likely to share some resemblance with Eddie, although don't expect him to rock that ridiculously awesome hair again.

The movie is going to be a "tale of mother and daughter," with a time-jump also involved. Quinn will be playing a man named Michael who comes to stay with the main character as she tried to navigate both her past and present. According to official plot description, Hoard follows a woman's life from her loving childhood with her mother, through to the grief of her young adulthood.

Quinn himself, however, is remarkably tight-lipped about the upcoming project.

"It's helmed by this extraordinary woman called Luna Carmoon. She's something special, and I hope the film will be too. It's hard to talk about. We shall see!" he told SID Magazine.

The indie movie is yet to receive a premiere date, as one of its main goals at the upcoming London festival is to secure potential buyers and other festival programmers. Quinn is joined in the cast by Hayley Squires (Cynthia), Nabil Elouahabi (Ali), Saura Lightfoot Leon (Maria), and Sam John (Jordan).

Interestingly enough, Quinn is more used to work on stage rather than on a shooting set; before snatching some breakout roles on television, the actor worked in theater, even getting a chance to act alongside Olivia Colman in Mosquitos. However, there's no word if Joseph is actually planning on going back to theatre now that he's enjoying a higher level of recognition.

LFF runs from October 5-16.

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