The One Mistake Joseph Quinn Thought Duffer Brothers Made on Stranger Things

The One Mistake Joseph Quinn Thought Duffer Brothers Made on Stranger Things
Image credit: Netflix

Becoming fan-favorite almost overnight, Joseph Quinn so wasn't ready for everything that happened to him after that fateful Stranger Things debut.

If you didn't learn it already, Joseph Quinn is actually one of the humblest and self-aware young actors there are, and his take on Eddie Munson casting once again reminds us about it. It may come as a huge surprise for any Joseph Quinn fan, but the actor actually believed that Duffer brothers made some sort of a mistake casting him as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things season 4 – and kept waiting for them to realize it.

Before getting his big break in Stranger Things season 4, Joseph Quinn, as we all know, was pretty much an unknown actor. Yes, he did manage to star in Game of Thrones, but his role was a cameo, and a tiny one at that, basically Quinn was on screen just for a few minutes. And although Quinn has worked a lot in the theater, even managed to play in a production with Olivia Coleman, he did not, in general, have any reason to believe that he can really get the role in one of the most popular TV series of our time easily. But that, apparently, was exactly the case.

Joseph was offered the role of Eddie Munson in Stranger Things after two self-taped auditions, one of them being that eponymous scene in the school cafeteria that ended up being quite a memorable character introduction.

"That was so weird," Quinn admitted to The Guardian. "I auditioned by doing a self-tape of that speech, but it was one of the last scenes I ended up shooting. So I waited from November 2019 to June 2021."

The whole speed-up process seemed very strange to Quinn, because usually in order to get into a popular television series, actors have to face quite a lot of challenges – including meeting with the producers and participating in chemistry readings with other actors. In Joseph's case, there was no protracted process, and the actor himself admitted that it felt very unusual and even alarming – so it's not all that surprising that for a long time Joseph suspected that the Duffers just made a mistake and were about to realize it.

As we all know, the Duffer brothers weren't mistaken: Quinn took to playing Eddie on Stranger Things like duck to water, his chemistry with his castmates was off the charts, and basically casting Quinn as Eddie Munson was one of the best decisions the Duffers ever made.

While Stranger Things writers currently work on season 5 script, Joseph Quinn's getting ready to promote his next project. Quinn's next movie, titled Hoard and set in the 80s just like Stranger Things, will be screened at the BFI London Film Festival on October 8.