'Moon Knight' Episode 4 Ending Explained by Fan Theory: Who Was That Hippopotamus?

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If you relate to Marc and Steven yelling in horror and confusion in episode 4, this one's for you.

But if you are yet to watch the episode, then you might want to avoid the spoilers below.

Episode 4 of 'Moon Knight' has left us absolutely stunned as Marc and Steven ran into someone who appears to be a new Egyptian god in the series' universe.

An anthropomorphic hippopotamus appeared in the very last moments of the episode 4, waving hello and greeting the two in what appears to be a very friendly female voice. Still, Marc and Steven were horrified.

That's a legit reaction to something unknown and intimidating, but there is a widely popular fan theory explaining the origin of the new character that scared both Moon Knight alter egos so much.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Taweret – the Egyptian god of fertility. Please don't scream, she actually seems to be nice.

There are a couple of fun facts you might want to know about Taweret and just why she appears at this point of the show. For example, one of the fans remembered that Taweret is a patron of pregnant women. What an interesting detail, huh?

Some eagle-eyed fans spotted that this is not the first time Taweret is mentioned in the series.

Others believe that Moon Knight might actually be getting more supernatural help, now that Khonshu was imprisoned.

In fact, Taweret already seems to be everyone's favorite no matter what.

The next episode of 'Moon Knight' arrives at Disney Plus on April 27, bringing us closer to the May 4 finale – and to answers regarding the identity of the bizarre hippo.

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