'Moon Knight' Finale Explained: Here's What's Happened in Episode 6

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Summon the suit, everyone.

It's May 4th, and we all know what that means: unless you're a 'Moon Knight' fan that has been craving the finale for over a month, you can just log off Twitter for a couple of days. As soon as the sixth and final episode of season 1 hit Disney Plus, fans went insane – and it's pretty understandable.

There are major spoilers ahead. Let's look into the final bunch of surprises that 'Moon Knight' has for us.

Marc and Steven Make Peace

Starting with a pretty obvious thing there, these two have finally found a way to not only co-exist, but also to actually be some sort of friends. After all, Marc was not okay with spending eternity in the peace of the Egyptian heaven without Steven, so he actually came back to reveal that Steven was in fact "the only real superpower" Marc had.

We're not crying, you are.

And in fact, those of you who have already mourned Steven might want to rethink that.

Steven's Back on Track

Somebody did summon that suit after all. How it started? We had an awkward Steven Grant struggling to wrap his head around the fact that he has a superhero suit (while also struggling with not falling down after summoning it).

How's it going?

Steven's in the middle of the fight, and he takes time to adjust it. And he does it with style.

Layla Stole the Show

However, if you think there have been enough suites, you are dramatically wrong, because we have a certain someone becoming an avatar of another Egyptian god.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Layla Al-Fouli – the embodiment of Taweret on Earth.

She's not just another avatar. Layla had a chance to speak Arabic and present herself as an Egyptian superhero, sending fans to cloud nine.

Ammit is Released

Layla is not the only female crush of the show – with the first look and sound of Ammit, who has been released by Arthur Harrow, many fans actually felt like choosing the dark side.

Two Fishes

Steven actually reached an agreement with Khonshu to make what he called "a package deal", meaning that both he and Marc are going to be the moon god's avatars now.

So after Steven wakes up in his bed, not ready to believe that their endeavor has worked, he sees two fishes now swimming in his aquarium.

Jake Lockley

Just like the 'Moon Knight' creators decided to keep the biggest jaw-dropper for the post-credit scene, so did we. Yes, Jake Lockley is officially in the show, and his entrance was… well, big.

After Khonshu (who, by the way, is now rocking his iconic suit) introduced the third alter-ego of his Moon Knight to Arthur Harrow, Lockley – a Latino guy who you clearly don't want to mess with – turns around and… shoots three times at Harrow.

Clearly, there was no way fans would not have turned it into a meme.

Given several major reveals, there are obvious hints at 'Moon Knight' getting a sequel despite the reports that Marvel submitted the show for the Emmys 'limited series' category'. However, the studio is yet to officially confirm the season 2.

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