'Moon Knight' Post-Credit Scene Description with Spoilers

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'Moon Knight' has become the first ever Marvel TV show to have an actual movie-like post-credit scene.

Tranquila, senorita, tranquila, it's just a post-credit scene from the 'Moon Knight' finale that hints at the series' big future.

So if you are yet to watch the finale – there are major spoilers coming, and we've warned you.

The post-credit scene of episode 6 begins at the psychiatric ward, but this time, our patient is neither Marc Spector nor Steven Grant – it's Arthur Harrow, who is now serving as a makeshift ushabti for the captured goddess Ammit.

At some point, someone is seen approaching his wheelchair and persuading the nurse to "calm down" in Spanish. A mysterious man then takes Harrow out of the ward, with Arthur spotting several bodies covered in blood on his way out.

Harrow ends up in a car with Khonshu, and at first he thinks it's funny since the moon god is unable to hurt him, even though his initial intention was for Marc to kill both Harrow and Ammit trapped inside of him, but Spector refused.

However, Khonshu appears to have had a last-minute surprise for all Jake Lockley fans, because the third identity reveals himself in the driver's seat, then turns around and shoots Harrow several times. It's unclear whether the Ammit servant is dead or alive.

It is the first time Marvel incorporated its signature post-credit scenes into a TV project, and the reveal seems to have worked just fine, with fans losing it the second after they saw Lockley – a character they have been expecting to appear throughout the entire season.

Now that he has been officially confirmed to be a part of the 'Moon Knight' universe, it looks quite like Marvel is on track to keep the story going. However, the future of 'Moon Knight' seems to be ambiguous, given that it was confirmed to be a limited series, both by the studio and the show's star Oscar Isaac.

Director Mohamed Diab, when speaking to Collider, indicated that maybe 'Moon Knight' will remain in the MCU in some way that is different from a TV series, although he quickly noted it was nothing but a guess.

"He's so interesting that I think he's going to stay, but what's going to happen next? Is he going to be another season? Is it going to be a film? Is he [joining] someone else? My guess is yours", he said.

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