'Moon Knight's Layla Looks Just Like This DC Superhero, But Fans Couldn't Care Less

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Have you noticed this curious resemblance when watching the 'Moon Knight' finale, or were you too stunned by May Calamawy's performance?

Warning: this article contains spoilers for 'Moon Knight' episode 6.

While it's unclear why would the avatar of a hippo-like Egyptian god need golden wings, it is what it is: Layla Al-Fouli from 'Moon Knight' now rocks a new outfit as Taweret's embodiment on Earth, looks amazing and steals hearts.

Oh and yes, it does look a lot like Wonder Woman's suit.

But do people care? Absolutely not. Moreover, they seem to think that Layla definitely wore them golden wings better.

Seems like yet another victory in the never-ending fight between MCU and DCEU.

Layla's transformation into the avatar of Taweret was one of the landmark moments in the 'Moon Knight' finale, with fans particularly squeaking over how she presented herself as an Egyptian superhero.

Still, with the studio actively hinting that 'Moon Knight' only has one season, it seems that Layla's superheroic journey is unclear as of now. Some fans hope for both Moon Knight and Layla to return in some other MCU projects, while others insist that, following a bunch of the finale cliffhangers, Marvel simply cannot settle with just one season.

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