Most Hilarious Supernatural Easter Egg on Big Sky Was Totally Unscripted

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Jensen Ackles says the funniest Supernatural Easter egg in Big Sky was actually an improvisation.

Throughout Big Sky Season 3, which ended last week, fans of Jensen Ackles were on the lookout for a number of Supernatural references. Ackles joined the cast of David E. Kelley's crime show as a guest star in Season 2 and was promoted to series regular in Season 3.

He plays Sheriff Beau Arlen, and since many Supernatural fans are familiar with the beloved actor, Big Sky doesn't miss a chance to throw in a nod to Eric Kripke's fantasy show every now and then.

Probably the funniest reference came in episode 2 of season 3. In the episode, Ackles' character gives housewarming gifts to the main protagonist, Cassie. He brings bread so she will never go hungry, and a box of salt so she will always be protected.

"Oh, for demons!" Cassie exclaims after a moment of hesitation, and the grin on Ackles' face says he could not be more proud of this Supernatural Easter egg.

The actor told TV Insider that this funny callback was actually improvised. Ackles shared that the Big Sky writers had always given him the freedom to throw improvised phrases in his scenes.

"I got to do that quite a bit this season, which is a lot of fun," Ackles said.

And the hilarious salt scene also had alternate versions, one scripted and several improvised. Of course, it was Ackles' improvisation that made it to the screen.

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"And I think that that was just an ad-lib that I think that I threw out there," the actor said.

In the same episode, Ackles pleased his fans with another Supernatural Easter egg. According to the plot, Beau wants to check if another character who introduced herself as an FBI agent is really a fed, and when she acts surprised at his caution, Ackles' character says, "Oh, you'd be surprised," clearly referencing the time the Winchester brothers pretended to be FBI on Supernatural.

"This made me feel all mushy inside. Dean lives on," a fan commented on the episode on Reddit.

These and other Supernatural callbacks, as well as Jensen Ackles' brilliant acting, have fans looking forward to Big Sky Season 4, even though it has not yet been officially announced. Who knows, maybe Supernatural fans will see Jared Padalecki playing Beau Arlen's brother, who is often mentioned in the show.

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