Most Memorable Celebrity Cameos in NCIS, Ranked

Most Memorable Celebrity Cameos in NCIS, Ranked
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You certainly forgot these celebrities were in NCIS.

The long-running American crime procedural drama NCIS had quite a lot of celebrities who made short appearances on the show.

Let's look back at the celebrities who you probably forgot were on NCIS.

5. Rico Rodriguez

Rico Rodriguez is mostly known for his role in Modern Family. Over the course of 11 seasons, Rodriguez portrayed Manny, a charismatic and kind-hearted kid.

But before Modern Family, he was on NCIS in season 6, episode 19. He played a kid named Travis who found a dead body.

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4. Millie Bobby Brown

Another young talent on the list. Millie Bobby Brown, known and highly praised for her role as Eleven in Stranger Things had a role in NCIS.

In season 12, episode 6, she portrayed a girl who killed her own mother who discovered the girl's sociopathic nature and intended to get her to a psychiatric facility.

3. Dean Norris

Before Norris found himself searching for a meth kingpin who is actually his brother-in-law on Breaking Bad, he appeared in NCIS' very first season, episode 12, as Sergeant Vestman, who provides assistance in an inquiry into the demise of a marine.

Norris also appeared in NCIS' predecessor — Jag, in season 1 and season 7.

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2. Bob Newhart

TV veteran Bob Newhart made a guest appearance in the 12th episode of NCIS' season 8. In that episode, Newhart portrayed Dr.

Walter Magnus, a medical examiner with a unique sense of humor. Dr. Magnus assisted the NCIS team in solving a case involving a marine's death.

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1. Misha Collins

Before portraying an angel in Supernatural, he played a bad guy in season 4, episode 3 of NCIS.

Collins portrayed the character of Justin Farris, a car thief who decided to confess after discovering a woman inside the trunk of a stolen vehicle.

Honorable mention

Michelle Obama had a cameo in NCIS. At the end of the 22nd episode of season 13, Gibbs and Anne receive an invitation to the White House for a round-table meeting related to Joining Forces — a White House initiative to support military families.

The scene featuring Michelle Obama takes place at the real White House, as Obama was the actual First Lady during that period.