'Ms. Marvel' Episode 5 Prediction Hints at Aisha Plot Twist No One Expected

'Ms. Marvel' Episode 5 Prediction Hints at Aisha Plot Twist No One Expected
Image credit: Legion-Media

Things are getting closer to the finale, and boy anything could go wrong.

We are just two episodes away from the 'Ms. Marvel' finale, and stakes are as high as ever for Kamala Khan. Episode 4 has left her in the middle of a busy train station filled with people desperate to catch the last train between India and Pakistan, with the drama unfolding during the Partition in 1947.

While it's still not quite clear whether Kamala traveled in time or it is just a vision, it seems that this is not the only problem the young superheroine will have to face. She might also be very careful as to who to trust.

One fan theory suggests that Kamala – who has already been through enough to develop trust issues – might realize that her grand-grandmother Aisha was not as nice as she thought.

Recalling the Clandestine flashbacks, one might remember that Najma, who is currently pursuing Kamala to get her hands on the bangle, was the one calling for a cautios use of the bangle back in the past. However, Aisha demanded that they give it a try with just one bangle, even though she knew that for it to work properly they needed two.

"It's unlikely but something is telling me that Aisha might've betrayed the Clan Destine by going back home on her own," one of the show's fans wrote on Reddit.

Currently, Kamala feels betrayed by Najma, who at first promised to watch over her and protect her, and then decided she could force the young superheroine to use the bangle and help the Djinn get back home. Now that Kamala got sent back to the past – whether for real or in a vision – she might learn even more frustrating things. After all, weren't people close to Kamala very critical of Aisha and her past?..

We will get to know more about that when a new episode of 'Ms. Marvel' arrives on Disney Plus this Wednesday, to be followed by an epic finale on July 12.