Musical in 'The Marvels'? It's a Hard Pass From Fans

Musical in 'The Marvels'? It's a Hard Pass From Fans
Image credit: Legion-Media

Are we getting a song from Brie Larson? In a Marvel movie?

With Captain Marvel set to return to big screens in 'The Marvels ', accompanied by Photon and Ms. Marvel, the epic trio might have to… sing.

Welcome to the future of superhero movies: here we offer you an all-female team-up sprinkled with some songs. According to Marvel insider Daniel RPK, who shared his scoop on Patreon, the third act of 'The Marvels' will take place on a planet where everyone communicates via songs, not words.

In order to engage in communication, Captain Marvel, Photon and Ms. Marvel will have to sing as well. Besides, the trio is rumored to get their new suits there, and Carol Danvers is allegedly married to the leader of the planet.

That was a lot to take for MCU fans. While some are pretty excited to hear Brie Larson singing again (she is famously good at it), others argue that musical is not exactly the genre people would expect Marvel to embrace – and perhaps the experiment is not worth it.

"The Marvels is going to be a musical?!??? listen i love musicals but why are they giving people more reasons to hate it i love that they’re doing something different but i feel like they’re setting it up to fail idk" – @g1naz0n

One Captain Marvel stan account is even ready to go rogue should the rumors be true.

"If The Marvels has a musical section, I am wiping my account clean of any affiliation. I can't take that kind of embarrassment." – @Stewart2727

There are people who praise Marvel for trying something new, though.

"That's literally a good thing, people would get more easily tired of the MCU if they didn't try anything new. I for one think this movies going to be hot garbage but i would rather they do something different than keep things the same." – realtriangulous

After all, it seems that musicals are the new trend: for instance, 'Joker 2 ' is also slated to be a musical, even though the idea has received a similarly mixed response. However, unlike 'Joker 2', 'The Marvels' is yet to be officially confirmed as a musical.

The Captain Marvel sequel hits big screens in July 2023.