Nathan Fillion Defends Joss Whedon Over Abuse Accusations

Nathan Fillion Defends Joss Whedon Over Abuse Accusations
Image credit: Legion-Media

The 'Firefly' actor just spoke his mind about all the accusations surrounding his friend and frequent collaborator, and it looks like Fillion is still willing to work with the disgraced creator.

Nathan Fillion is rightfully considered one of television's most popular actors. His iconic roles in 'Firefly ' and 'Castle', as well as his current involvement in the ABC series 'The Rookie ', make him the subject of undying praise from millions of fans. His friendly mannerisms, boyish charisma and great looks often make the actor a popular choice for various fan castings. Still, there are a couple of curious moments in the actor's perfect story – his close working relationship with 'Firefly' creator Joss Whedon, who has been accused of abusive on-set behavior.

Appearing on the Inside of You podcast (via Variety), Fillion finally touched on the whole Whedon thing, revealing his position on the possibility of working with the creator again in the future.

"I would work with him again in a second," said Fillion, describing Whedon as "funny. Self-deprecating. Incredibly talented. Maybe a little haunted? I mean, listen, by his own admission that guy's a work in progress and I appreciate that."

So, is a new chapter of 'Firefly' finally in the works? Unlikely, given Whedon's current exile from Hollywood, but some fans agree with Fillion on his treatment of the whole story and would like to see them work together again.

"Hm. I'm not really a fan of Whedon since everything that came out but this seems like a fairly balanced take from Fillion. It's not what he saw, so he can't really comment on it. That was an interesting hedge on returning to Firefly. Twenty years on, their world and ours has changed. A bit of catharsis might be interesting." – /ASK_IF_IM_PENGUIN.

However, others are not thrilled with Fillion's choice of words, accusing the actor of defending Whedon.

"The first part is fine, if he didn't see anything and not how he experienced Joss, it is why it is. He definitely should have avoided the "work with him in a second" line, though. It instantly dismisses anyone who has put forward an allegation against Joss." – /KimF29.