Neill Blomkamp's New Project Leaves Fans Disappointed: "It's a Very Weird Choice"

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Neill Blomkamp, known for his original sci-fi films, will direct the video game adaptation for Sony, but fans were quite disappointed that the game in question turned out to be a car simulator.

'Gran Turismo' video game adaptation is officially set for 2023, and 'District 9' helmer is certainly a surprise choice to bring this realistic car racing simulator to the silver screen. The film's plot will be based on a real-life story, and the main protagonist will be a young gamer, passionate about the game franchise, who decided to channel his obsession into becoming a real sports' star. While 'Gran Turismo' fans are certainly thrilled that the game will be adapted into a high-budget blockbuster, some people still think that Blomkamp's talent will end up being wildly misused.

In a thread on Reddit some fans expressed their surprise at this puzzling choice of director, citing that Blomkamp's unique vision would have been much more in demand for the original IP rather than an adaptation of a rather down-to-earth story.

"Maybe I'm in the minority but I'm a huge Blomkamp fan. I love D9, Elysium and Chappie. I find Sharlto Copley extremely unique and interesting as well. I really hope they keep working together in the future. That being said, Gran Turismo is a very weird choice for him." – /spidii.

Others are not so sure the director will stay with the project at all, citing Blomkamp's notorious difficulties in working on other franchises, including his failed attempt to shoot an 'Alien' movie.

"A few months from now, Neill will drop out because of “creative differences” or because of some other project. Nothing to see here." – /mj_modular.

'Gran Turismo' is expected to premiere on August 11, 2023.

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