Nerd Alert! Unpopular Opinion Claims Alex is Better Than Penny for Leonard

Nerd Alert! Unpopular Opinion Claims Alex is Better Than Penny for Leonard
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TBBT featured several relationship storylines between the characters throughout the series, many ending just as quickly as they started.

However, a recent Reddit post has shared a controversial opinion, debating whether an alternative character was a better fit for Leonard than Penny.

Considering that Leonard's and Penny's on-off relationship was a central theme throughout the show, the post created a heated discussion about who was Leonard's true soul mate.

Posted in the r/bigbangtheory thread by u/The_Terror_999, the post was titled, 'Unpopular Opinion. Alex would be better than Penny'.

Although the Redditor attempted to justify their theory, fans were quick to debate the accuracy of this opinion.

The OP clarified how they believed Alex's more caring and intelligent nature would have been better suited to a relationship with Leonard than Penny was.

Yet users swiftly condemned the negative aspects of Alex's character, which were seen within the series.

The argument for Alex as a better girlfriend for Leonard is centered around the similarity that they both share an interest in science.

She enters into the series as Sheldon's assistant. However, upon meeting Leonard, the pair clearly has a sudden connection.

Throughout the episodes, Alex appears to show an attraction to Leonard. Even hitting on him during a personal conversation; however, Leonard remains oblivious to it.

Fans point out that Alex knowing Leonard was in a committed relationship, and hitting on him anyway, proves she was not a caring and trusting person.

If she genuinely respected Leonard and what was best for him, she would have respected the relationship he was already in.

In fact, u/joe_9877 acutely points out it was likely Alex only showed an interest in Leonard because he already had a girlfriend.

Because of this, it made him look much more desirable and possibly a challenge to be won.

Fans of Alex are still not convinced that this is evidence enough to label her as a bad person entirely. Suggesting that she simply "took her shot and failed".

Plus, she may have already suspected that Leonard and Penny's relationship had troubles, which he had hinted to briefly in conversation.

Yet the majority of TBBT fans remain faithfully protective of Leonard and Penny together. Many admit that the character's relationship was often strained and had its issues.

But ultimately, their shared chemistry remained unmatched throughout the series' 12 seasons.

The debate over whether Leonard should have ended up with Alex or Penny will likely never be resolved for good.

Although it's clear that Alex's brief appearances on the show throw a shadow of doubt onto Leonard's love life, it's his romance with Penny that fans forever continue to root for.