Netflix Moves Forward With Narnia Movies Even Though No One Asked For It

Netflix Moves Forward With Narnia Movies Even Though No One Asked For It
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Another iconic franchise returns in a modern-day adaptation.

Netflix is continuing with its Chronicles of Narnia adaptation, with Greta Gerwig being eyed to direct the first two movies, according to What's On Netflix.

And yes, you read that right: there will be not one but two movies, and those will be movies, not a series, as many fans suggested earlier, noting that the Narnia saga was "perfect" for multi-season TV show.

However, despite the beloved magical world seemingly returning to our screens, not everyone is happy.

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Aside from the general scepticism of yet another classic adaptation from Netflix, some fans have taken issue with Gerwig in particular. However, they didn't blame her, but rather expressed disappointment that the director behind Little Women and Lady Bird wasn't paying more attention to her independent projects.

Still, it's Netflix fans who are most concerned. People seem to be really tired of their favourite franchises being "lazily" adapted by companies that "have no business doing it", and Netflix, they say, is just one of those companies.

Besides, fans are sure that stories that have been adapted in the last 15 years do not need to be adapted again.

The preemptive criticism comes despite the fact that Netflix has actually made an adaptation of a comic book series that was warmly received by fans, The Sandman by Neil Gaiman. With the Narnia films, Netflix is reportedly teaming up with The C.S. Lewis Company to adapt the beloved books, so there may be a chance of a successful adaptation that fans and critics alike will enjoy.

However, the general feeling about the new Narnia films remains sceptical. There are few details about the films, and chances are that Netflix will not even follow the book order.

The premiere date has also not yet been set.