Netflix's 16 Best Crime Movies You Need to Stream in April 2024

Netflix's 16 Best Crime Movies You Need to Stream in April 2024
Image credit: Netflix, Warner Bros.

Even as famous directors continue to blame Netflix and other streaming platforms for ruining the movie industry and destroying Hollywood's legacy, ordinary people have nothing bad to say about Netflix. The streaming giant has given viewers unprecedented access to the back catalogs of the major studios, virtually negating the problem of some movies being unavailable.

And while Netflix has an excellent library of romantic movies, comedies and action films, we feel that the streaming giant's catalog of crime movies is the most stellar among the bunch, with original and old movies being able to satisfy even the most peculiar tastes.

Here are the 16 best crime movies on Netflix right now:

In compiling this list, we decided to include both old movies and original Netflix productions, because while the streaming giant's own films may not be as great as the likes of "Chinatown," they are still worth watching for fans of crime dramas.

Netflix's business model still works perfectly, and with the sheer amount of movies available to stream, fans certainly don't have the slightest doubt about continuing to pay for the subscription. We've only highlighted the best of the crime movies, but Netflix has hundreds more if you ever find yourself already having seen all 15 of the above.