Netflix's Sweet Home Replacement Gives Its Protagonist The Happy Ending Hyun-su Deserved

Netflix's Sweet Home Replacement Gives Its Protagonist The Happy Ending Hyun-su Deserved
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Will Hyun-su ever find peace?


  • Netflix K-Dramas Sweet Home and Parasyte: The Grey have very similar setups.
  • Parasyte gives its protagonist a hopeful ending.
  • So far, Sweet Home's hero hasn't gotten the same – even though he deserves to.

Two Netflix shows have remarkably similar setups, but their protagonists have experienced invasive, body-snatching monsters in very different ways.

What Happens In Sweet Home?

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Cha Hyun-su is the only person left in his family after a devastating tragedy. He is forced to move to a run-down apartment complex called Green Home, which is where he is living when monsters begin to attack the city.

Hyun-su's body is invaded by a parasitic monster, which leaves him with superhuman abilities – but he is also locked in a constant struggle against his violent alter-ego.

What Happens in Parasyte: The Grey?

Mysterious alien creatures have begun arriving on Earth and inhabiting human hosts, which results in the hosts dying and turning into monsters.

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One such host is grocery store clerk Jeong Su-in. However, after she is injured in an attack her parasite is unable to completely take control over her body. The two begin a totally unique co-existence, with neither one able to survive without the other.

How Are They Similar?

As you can tell, there are a lot of parallels between Sweet Home and Parasyte: The Grey.

  • Both are apocalyptic horror stories
  • Both feature main characters whose bodies are invaded by an intelligent alien being
  • Both characters have past trauma that impacts their relationships with themselves and their parasites
  • Both struggle to adapt to circumstances where they are not the only one in charge of their body.

Parasyte's Su-in ends the first season by finding balance with the monster in her body, whom Su-in names Heidi. Although Su-in's initial transformation into Heidi was terrifying and frightening, the two eventually learn to co-exist. By the season finale, they've even formed a kind of friendship.

In contrast, Sweet Home's Hyun-su has a combative Jekyll-and-Hyde relationship with his parasite. The monster within him is constantly striving to take over control of his host's body, and when Hyun-su experiences pain or fear it sometimes succeeds. The monster becomes a threat to not only Hyun-su but also to everyone the character cares about.

Will Things Change Moving Forward?

Parasyte: The Grey has wrapped up the storyline from its source manga, and there's no info yet on whether or not we'll get a second season. Meanwhile, Sweet Home Season 3 will premiere in the summer of 2024.

So is there any chance that Hyun-su will get the happy ending he deserves, the one that Su-in got? An ending where he finds equilibrium with the monster inside of him? It's hard to imagine that things can go exactly the same way, given how evil and destructive Hyun-su's monster is.

Still, he's endured so much for the past two years that we have to hope there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully the writers of Sweet Home will take some notes from Parasyte: The Grey and give Hyun-su the happy ending he deserves.

Which One Should I Start With?

Both Sweet Home and Parasyte: The Grey are available to stream on Netflix.

Parasyte holds a remarkable 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and only has six episodes. If you're looking to dip your toes in a drama about parasitic aliens from outer space, this one is easier to binge.

The first season of Sweet Home has a still-impressive 86% on Rotten Tomatoes. Its popularity is holding strong and critics have praised the show's pacing, characters, and effects. Altogether, there are 18 episodes to catch up on before the third season drops.