New 'Andor' Still Prompts A Mandalorian-related Theory From 'Star Wars' Fans

New 'Andor' Still Prompts A Mandalorian-related Theory From 'Star Wars' Fans
Image credit: Legion-Media

A recently published photo depicting Stellan Skarsgard' Luther Rand led fans to several amusing discoveries.

The 'Andor ' series is eagerly awaited by many fans of a galaxy far, far away, because this Diego Luna-led show will finally add something original to the hackneyed formula of a sci-fi opera. It will tell the down-to-earth story of the doom-laden quest of the rebels seeking to defeat the Empire, without the Jedi swords of Luke Skywalker. The series was filmed entirely on location and was based on a completely original concept, but it looks like some 'Star Wars ' cameos are still expected.

In a thread on Reddit a brand-new shot from the series (courtesy of Empire Magazine) was shared, in which Luther Rand, described as the leader of the Rebels, is shown in a museum surrounded by armor and jewelry. Fans immediately began to share theories about what this mysterious place could be, noting some very recognizable armor.

"That definitely looks like Mando armor; that piece in the middle of the chest is almost too distinct. Almost looks like an older set to me." – /500Republica.

Thus, it appears that the Mandalorian himself may play some role in the upcoming story, even if only as a background influence. And fans support this prospect, applauding series creator Tony Gilroy for trying to create his own version of 'Star Wars', inspired by the storylines of some famous characters, but not completely dependent on them as in 'Obi-Wan Kenobi '.

"I'm confident. I was hesitant about Boba Fett and very on the fence about Kenobi, but I have a really good feeling that Andor will be the show that blows the others out of the water. I don't know why, but I just have that feeling. I've been staying very close to all of the reports and filming info about the show and the writers and directors seem to know exactly what they're doing." – /brianthewizard1.