New Rumors Suggest Potential 'Fantastic Four' Director Reveal Date

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The John Krasinski-led blockbuster is finally nearing production, and fans can't wait to finally learn who's going to direct and who's going to star in the Richards family story.

Fantastic Four had a long and stellar history in Marvel Comics, from their emergence as the first superstar superhero team in the 1960s to their current status as some of the most powerful characters in the entire Stan Lee-created universe. Despite three movies and several animated series, Reed Richards and his family are still waiting for a truly successful project that matches their compelling comic book narratives, and it looks like the upcoming MCU project could be just that. But who will direct the film?

According to Deadline's Justin Kroll, the list of potential candidates is still quite long, and Feige and his producers are still looking for the perfect director for the role. No official announcement will be made in the coming months, and the most realistic date is the fall of 2022.

So, it seems that the recent rumors about Bryce Dallas Howard being the main contender are somewhat dubious, but the idea of bringing in some big-name directors is certainly quite interesting, especially after the recent success of Sam Raimi with 'Doctor Strange 2'.

Fans were understandably very upset when they heard the news, worrying about how long it would take Marvel Studios to reveal the official cast for the hotly anticipated film.

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