New Update on MAX’s Harry Potter TV Show Doesn’t Inspire Confidence

New Update on MAX’s Harry Potter TV Show Doesn’t Inspire Confidence
Image credit: Warner Bros.

The executive producer of the small-screen Harry Potter adaptation just gave a brief update on the status of the show, and it doesn’t sound promising so far (or does it?).

Talk about things no one asked for but everyone’s tagging along with now, we have a new Harry Potter adaptation coming in: a reboot of the original story as a TV show by MAX (formerly HBO Max ). Has anyone ever dreamt of one more version of the same story while we already have books and movies? No. But we’ll get it anyway.

The upcoming reboot series has many Harry Potter fans concerned about the integrity of the source material: in the past years, TV shows tend to divert even further from it than before. Many Potterheads genuinely believe that this entire reboot thing is a terrible idea, and only a few are cautiously optimistic about it.

As a silver lining for those who can’t see the positives of the new MAX series, there’s David Heyman: the producer of all eight original movie installments who will act as the executive producer of the new show, too. To calm down the tension, Heyman recently gave a brief update on the series — but it didn’t sound really promising.

"[On the new Harry Potter show,] it’s early days. We haven’t even hired a writer to begin writing — it’s a bit early. But hopefully, [this series becomes] something that’s very special and gives us an opportunity to see the books and to enjoy a series which explores the books more deeply,” the executive producer told Total Film.

While the notion of properly exploring all the story arcs and events from the books that the movies cut out is a nice insensitive, it’s the very least of what’s expected of MAX’s Harry Potter. Otherwise, there would be no point in this show existing in the first place — and since many fans already believe there is none, it better have something else to offer.

What’s interesting is that Heyman revealed the current stage of the reboot: it doesn’t even have a writer yet. This might sound concerning considering that MAX’s Harry Potter show was announced long before the double strike began — but we’re ready to ignore this for now considering the difficult circumstances the industry finds itself in these days.

Source: Total Film via Games Radar